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Effect of Court Based Divorce on Children
The effects of divorce are devastating on children.  Highly contested cases (any trial based divorce) amplify this.  On the other hand, a biblical dispute resolution process (mediation or arbitration) significantly reduces the negative outcome on kids.  One famous study took couples that actually filed for a court based divorce, and divided them in to two random groups.   The court ordered mediation for one group and trial for the other.  Twelve years later in follow up studies, the mediation group, had higher approval ratings by the residential parent of the non residential parent’s behavior in every category evaluated including Church attendance, parenting skills, moral development, continued contact with the children etc.
See a summary of this study below.  The slide will change every 10 seconds as you progress through 12 slides… you can use the control buttons at the bottom to move back and forth in the slides if you want to.
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